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Sustainable Building System Featuring Carbon Capture

Features & Benefits


Low maintenance and long lasting


Safe healthy natural materials


Regulates temperature in winter and summer


High load bearing capacity


Bio fiber captures CO2


Costs the same or less than comparable construction materials

Fast Construction

Rapid assembly system

Fire Resistant

over 1 hour fire rating


Recent News

Dazed and … Constructed?

How Hemp Could Alter Material Selections in Architecture For architects and clients seeking a structural material, Calgary, Canada–based JustBioFiber offers a hemp-based modular block for load-bearing wall construction. The Super SSR Block exhibits a compressive strength of more than 5,800 psi, which compares favorably to the range of 1740 psi to 3045 psi typical for CMUs. Additionally, the product

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GLOBE 2018

Just BioFiber will be exhibiting in the Alberta pavilion at the Globe Forum 2018 Meet with Michael and Harv From March 14-16, 2018, 2,000 business and government leaders from over 50 countries will come together to network and advance global business and sustainability agendas. A mix of armchair dialogues, roundtables, salon-style gatherings, lively debates, SPARK

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New York Times

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There’s No Place Like Home, Especially if It’s Made of Hemp https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/29/science/hemp-homes-cannabis.html

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Las Vegas Sun

Centuries old, hemp grows in popularity for home building https://lasvegassun.com/news/2018/feb/04/centuries-old-hemp-grows-in-popularity-for-home-bu/ The most sustainable building material is not concrete or steel — it is fast-growing hemp.

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Green Plan Jack Anderson interview Canada Citizens Forum

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Citizen’s Forum Nov 22 2017 – YouTube Watch an interview on YouTube by Canada Citizens Forum with Jack Anderson from Greenplan. Mr. Anderson talks about the use of hempcrete blocks in the harmless home.

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Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance Conference November 14, 2017 Ottawa, Canada

The Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA) The CHTA is a national organization that promotes Canadian hemp and hemp products globally. Established in 2003 the Alliance represents those involved in Canada’s hemp industry. Members include; farmers, processors, manufacturers, researchers, entrepreneurs and marketers. The key functions of the Alliance are to disseminate information, promote the use of

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