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Seeding the BioEconomy: Growing Alberta BioClusters, Edmonton AB. March 12

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Seeding the BioEconomy: Growing Alberta BioClusters, Edmonton AB. March 12

We will be attending the Growing Alberta Bio Industrial Opportunities conference in attendance will be presentations from:

Bio Industrial Opportunities, National Industrial Symbiosis Canada, Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education, Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions, Sustainability Resources. We will be presenting Just BioFiber Structural Solutions at the innovator showcase


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Terry Radford

March 13, 2015at 7:57 am

Seeding the Bio Economy was an outstanding conference with over 20 bio industries and many Alberta and Canada government representatives and International consulting agencies. The National Industrial Symbiosis Programme is an initiative from the U.K. that promotes and organizes collaboration between industry and government regulation to enter into mutually beneficial relationships to use waste from existing processes as feedstock for innovative bio processes.
The Alberta Innovates Bio Futures assistance program was announced to assist industry with access to research institutes for testing and manufacturing commercialization. It looks like they have been listening to our requests and have a program that bridges the gap from research to commercialization. We are grateful to the Alberta administration for creating this program. It will assist many innovative products to make it to market that would otherwise have difficulty attracting private or venture funding at the most critical stage of product development.

If you are interested in partnering with us we would love to hear from you.

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