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Sustainable Building System Featuring Carbon Capture

International Hemp Building Symposium October 17, 2017 Montreal, Canada

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International Hemp Building Symposium October 17, 2017 Montreal, Canada

International Hemp Building Association will be organizing a symposium for sustainable building materials focusing on hemp innovations from around the world in Montreal Canada on October 17, 2017.

Just BioFiber will be presenting our innovation on hemp building materials for commercial use. Bringing hemp to the mainstream construction industry.


Barbara Ashworth

October 7, 2017at 1:36 pm

I am a part time resident of Dominica while my husband lives there full time. He is Dominican and was there during Hurricane Maria and is there now. As you may know Dominica was hit hard by a category 5 hurricane. On Monday morning they were expecting a category 2 hurricane which by 9:00 that night increased in strength to a category 5. 75-90% of homes were damaged in some way. Our home was not one of these. Working and meeting with the Secretary General of the United Nations this week after having presented at the UN in New York our prime minister Mr. Skerrit’s goal is to is to assess damage and discuss ways to rebuild Dominca in a greener climate resistant fashion in response to climate change and its impact on these islands! Would your product withstand 160 – 185 mile per hour winds. While devastated by this the people of Dominica persevere in the face of tremendous adversity hoping that the winds of change brought by hurricane Maria will lead them in a new and better direction that involves the latest and most innovative products to rebuild the country.We live in a small somewhat remote village. Most people collect rainwater, grow gardens, use private available transit, and many work in the Agriculture sector of the island which provides food for many of the Carribean Island. The crops are literally gone, over 2,500 are living in shelters out of a population of 73,000. Sadly they are not the ones who are most responsible for global warming trends but seem to be the ones of many who suffer. If you think you product would be use in their rebuilding process please let me and or them know and perhaps some discussions could be had.

Bruce Rya

September 27, 2017at 8:13 pm

This is exactly what the sector needs. Industrial applications

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