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Sustainable Building System Featuring Carbon Capture

Institutional Construction

Super SSR block offers very fast construction with high insulation qualities making this load bearing wall system very cost effective for the builder and the building owner.

  • Durable low maintenance materials designed for longevity over 100 years
  • Reduced heating and cooling costs  with R26-R40 insulation
  • Fire resistant > 1 hour fire rating
  • Soundproof with excellent acoustic absorption makes it an ideal material for demising and party walls
  • creates a healthier interior environment for people, no sick building syndrome
  • Reduced labour costs during construction and finishing
  • Fast to build without additional concrete pours or insulation, no rebar or ties required.
  • does not require bracing or shoring while setting because the blocks are interlocking
  • wall weight is reduced, requiring less concrete for footings
  • it is a green environmentally friendly sustainable and rapidly renewable building material
  • also known as Hempcrete blocks for sustainable LEED building
  • Qualified material for Living Building Challenge and Bio Preferred program

Building construction detail drawings available, please contact us by email


Sean turner

January 30, 2018at 9:44 am

Hi can your product be used in the Philippines? With all the moisture?

Bill Friedel. Orca Design Ltd

September 11, 2016at 10:18 pm

I am the owner and ceo of Orca Design Ltd.
I have been designing and building one of a kind homes in the gulf islands, mostly on my home island of Cortes, for almost 30 years.
I am starting to look seriously at the design/ build processes for innovative materials, to improve ecological footprints of my homes and to create even less toxic living space.
Please send me all engineering specs, material costs, and usages, preferably with some finished examples that demonstrate actual achieved performances.
My homes are one of a kind, and use our own wood from our own sustainable sources, sawmills, 4000 fbm dehumidifying kiln, and full small-scale industrial woodworking shop.
We produce all framing, timbers, doors , windows, siding, decking, cabinets, floors, etc.

If you are interested in partnering with us we would love to hear from you.