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Sustainable Building System Featuring Carbon Capture


Just BioFiber develops and manufactures sustainable building systems. The SuperSSR is designed as a modular block wall system that is assembled by stacking interlocking blocks and the application of a bonding material between adjacent blocks and courses. It is suitable for all wall systems and is load bearing reducing the requirement for vertical supports. The 11″ 280mm wall thickness is rated at R28. If greater insulation is required there is also a 16″ 400mm block available with an R40 rating. The wall system performs best with lime renders and plaster for both exterior and interior finishes. These materials are permeable,  regulating moisture and airflow, no vapor barrier is required. The blocks are shipped with base coats on both interior and exterior surfaces to further speed construction and enhanced climate protection.

Construction details are available, please contact us by email

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Simran Mann

November 9, 2016at 4:23 pm


We want to build a Hemp House in Calgary. Need more information for it.

Can you please email me.


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