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Sustainable Building System Featuring Carbon Capture

Product Specs

Just BioFiber Structural Solutions is committed to continuous improvement ( Kaizen) we have developed a series of building construction materials and systems. Our development values are; Safety, Sustainability, function, longevity, and healthy living.

The first product is the Just BioFiber modular block wall system which can be ordered in

11″ / 280mm width  8″ / 200mm Height, 21″/ 540mm Length

Unfinished blocks may be cut to size using standard power or hand saws. It is required that all fasteners be stainless steel or ceramic coated, to avoid corrosion.


The Super SSR Block building system is very cost effective and quick to construct, lowering labor costs and time to completion using Industry standard dimensions.

  • Strong vertical load bearing compression strength of over 40 MPa 36,000 lbs. per foot, 26-33 N/mm2
  • High Insulation R value R27 to R40 or λ=0.07W/m.K or RSI 0.176 or U.23
  • Very fire resistant > 2 hour rating, 0 flame 0 smoke spread
  • Easy handling with a solid feel, density of 11 kg (22 lbs) per block or 330 kg/m3
    • Standard SSR11 block size is 8″ 200mm height, 21″ 540mm width 11″ 280mm thick
  • Breathable Non Toxic walls that are moisture and air permeable
    • air permeability 0.7 gm/m2/mm hg
    • humidity permeability 23 gm/m2/mm hg
  • regulates temperature and humidity while retaining heat
    • heat capacity 1600 J/Kg
  • excellent acoustic properties Mean Acoustic Absorption Coefficient 0.7 NRC
  • You can help the planet; captures 130kg CO2/m3 with a Life Cycle Assessment of -108 kg CO2/m3
  • Life Cycle Assesment for Embodied Energy of 421 Mj/m2 and Embodied Carbon -17.6 Kg/m2
  • low labour costs and rapid construction; Labour is estimated at 32 sq. ft.or 1 M2 / man hour
  • interlocking design can be overlapped and turned 90 degrees for corners and intersecting walls
  • blocks can be cut in the field using hand or power tools; windows, jams and fixtures attach directly using ceramic coated screws
  • longevity, the building will last for over 100 years
  • Insect and mold resistant
  • Blocks are made using industrial hemp and lime without portland cement
  • Internal structural frames are made using advanced composites that are fire resistant without any (Red List) toxic ingredients

Specifications are subject to change as new and improved binders and processes are developed. Please contact us directly for military and severe environment product specifications.

We have developed a construction manual with detail drawings to answer your construction questions. please contact us by email.

Please send us a message for a personal reply if you have more questions.

Safe non toxic



October 26, 2018at 9:53 am

Love this idea and definitely considering it for our build when time comes, one suggestion your menu bar when open is green but writing is a grey I think, cannot read or make out the sub texts. I’m on my cell so not sure if different on computer. Frustrating looking for info when I can’t see what’s listed. Other then that I will be showing this to hubby sounds like a good alternative and exactly what we are looking for.

Kevin Kwok

October 25, 2018at 11:50 pm

What is the sound / noise dampening rating if used in a data center?

Bojidar Ivanov

October 8, 2018at 4:01 am


can you please send me a technical paper, construction manul and pricelist for the hemp bricks.

We are a bulgarian based construction company interested in the green and sustainable construction.

Best regards,


July 20, 2018at 11:40 am

Hi, I’m Interested in a residential build. I’d like to see some pricing and installation specs and specs for other materials (re-bar and faster details/options etc), as well as packing dimensions for transport and/or delivery rates. Cheers.


June 14, 2018at 1:03 pm

I, too, had a question about earthquake damage resistance, and did not see an answer to an earlier question. Are the residential and commercial products approved for use in California? Is there a certification attesting to their use in earth quake prone areas? Thanks

Kim Hunter

March 11, 2018at 8:52 am

I’m looking to build a cottage this year and would like to get the manual for my builder to review. I have some of the same questions as others have asked – how to attach to the foundation, how the roof construction attaches. And, how do we order? what’s the cost? How does delivery happen? What is the timeline from order to delivery? I’m on Salt Spring Island, BC.
Thank you.

David Young

February 2, 2018at 10:25 am

Please send me the construction manual. I am also interested in investment potential.

How the blocks are priced? Do you have a distribution network or every order is shipped from your plant? I am trying to get and ideal on shipping cost to the US.


January 15, 2018at 6:00 pm

Hello Terry,
It must fulfill the earthquake building codes of the west-coast. Are those results posted? Do the insurance companies price such a house more or less favourable as far as home insurance and what is the overall cost/sq.ft to build such a home, excluding personal finishing choices?
Thank you.


January 7, 2018at 1:20 pm

looking for the construction manual for construction in BC


November 21, 2017at 9:28 am

I would like to know more about the construction details :
-How is the connection between the external wall and the intermediare slab ?
-How is a roof typically tied to structure?

Is it possible to get the manual ?

Sarah Johnston

November 3, 2017at 5:28 pm


We are looking at the possibility of building a small guest cabin150 sqft? and would like to know more about the hempcrete blocks in terms of cost and transport costs (as opposed to building a full wall), as an option. We are on a small island off of Vancouver Island. Please email me.

David Luxton

October 10, 2017at 10:02 pm

Question about the specs. Loose and/or hand tamped hempcrete has ballpark compressive strength between 0.1 to 1.2 MPa depending on the mixture whereas traditional concrete has compressive strengths in the range of 28 -70MPa. If your brick strengths are in the same range (26-33 MPa) and they have high R-value, then this is quick remarkable.

rick hieronymus

May 8, 2017at 10:16 pm

i would like to know about investment oppurtunities in your company. can we buy stock?

Architect Ange (lito) L. Mallonga FUAP

March 18, 2017at 7:06 am

Hi Terry,

Since your system has 1 hour for fire rating at the present time, can we use 5/8 fireguard panels glued
to your block on both sides of the wall to have at least 2 hours rating. This is very important for
hi-rise structures for condo units, town houses, apartments. It can also a big help as for sound barriers.
Kindly respond to me or give me a call.

    Terry Radford

    March 21, 2017at 5:44 pm

    Hi Angelito,
    Thank you for your your comment. Please wait until the 2 hour fire test is successfully completed using the new fire resistant composite internal frames. Our small scale tests have all passed so we expect the full size wall CAN?ULC S101 2 Hour will be certified in Q2 of 2017. we will post the results.

Michael Poole

February 20, 2017at 1:15 am

I am interested in making a SILO, a cylindrical shape of 16feet to 40 feet in diameter built with a curved block of your design.

A DOME of 30′ to 100 feet diameter would also be interesting, with windows, doors and a plexi-glass domed roof vent as is used in Yurts.

Also there is an ERROR ABOVE the weight of the smallest, standard block is printed to be 11kg = 22lb. ONE KILO = 2.2026 POUNDS

If 11kg x 2.2 = 24.22Lb (not 22lb) … or … If 22Lb / 2.2 = 10Kg (not 11Kg)


December 2, 2016at 12:11 pm


Could you please tell if the framing should be double stud?

Thank you!


November 26, 2016at 1:23 pm

Hello! What is the cost of the 11” bricks?

Thank you!



July 31, 2016at 4:31 pm

Could you please point me to the construction manual.

Also I was wondering how the blocks are priced, can you give me a price per block or do you need to quote it based on a plan? I was also wondering what is the length of the blocks? Lastly do you have a distribution network or every order is shipped from your plant in Calgary (I’m in Halifax), I just trying to get and ideal on shipping cost?

Thank you

    Max Radford

    February 17, 2018at 10:28 am

    Hello Dan,

    If you are still interested in purchasing this amazing renewable product. Please forward me your contact information directly to my email max@justbiofiber.com

    Al Rodee

    September 11, 2018at 9:02 am

    Dan, I am also in Halifax and really interested in this product for a co-operative housing development I am working on. Have you done anything more with the products? Company? Interested in grabbing a coffee one day?

Jerry Wilson

August 20, 2015at 11:51 am

A few questions;
– how is exterior and interior recommended to be finished?
– Is this rated for hurricane zones?
– What is used as headers above doors and windows?
-How is a roof typically tied to structure?

    Terry Radford

    March 16, 2016at 11:56 am

    Hi Jerry, as a follow up to our email reply we have added a construction manual link on this page.

    Gord Tooker

    October 9, 2017at 11:47 am

    Do you have a BC outlet,(Vancouver Island preferably?
    What cost for ~ 300 21″ blocks?
    Can exterior be painted?

    Max Radford

    February 17, 2018at 10:12 am

    Hello Jerry,
    – how is exterior and interior recommended to be finished?
    We strongly recommend going with a lime-based stucco or plaster for the renderings on our JBF Hemp block system because it performs so well.
    – Is this rated for hurricane zones?
    Currently, I can not say because further testing is required. I can supply you with finite element analysis that shows the capabilities of our wall system in such an area.

    – What is used as headers above doors and windows?
    We have created a bond beam in conjunction with the hemp blocks. Our architectural details package can explain in more detail
    -How is a roof typically tied to the structure?
    Our architectural details package can explain in more detail

    If you are still interested in our product I would enjoy discussing these details further.
    my email is Max@justbiofiber.com, and on behalf of the Just Biofiber team, I apologize for the late response. We truly do appreciate your inquiries.

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