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Sustainable Building System Featuring Carbon Capture

License Agreement

Technology Transfer License Agreements

We are actively seeking interested parties to establish manufacturing facilities in local regions worldwide.
Just BioFiber will provide a license agreement and transfer the technology to you to use in producing the Super SSR building construction blocks. We also develop manufacturing processes and equipment to assist in production, reducing time to market. We currently have prototypes in production for international building material standards testing and certification in Canada. It is anticipated that high volume production facilities will be on line in 2018.

Interest and demand continues to grow daily. Builders, architects and developers who are introduced to the block building system have identified immediate applications using this product. It is fast and easy to construct using earth friendly building materials that are sustainable, fire resistant and cost effective.

If you are interested in partnering with us please contact us directly.
Just Bio Fiber Structural Solutions, Business Development


Soukup Lubomír

January 8, 2018at 6:42 am

Bonjour, Madame,Monsieur ,

Permettez moi de me présenter, je m’appelle Soukup Lubomír. Et je m’intéresse à l’usage de cannabis sativa dans la production industrielle pour longtemps, surtout à l’industrie du bâtiment et l’architecture. Par rapport à cela, j’ai découvert votre produit unique BioFiber block, qui m’intéresse beaucoup et j’en vois un grand potentiel et perspective au marché de materiél du bâtiment. J’aimerais l’offrir comme le mateirél de l’avenir aux clients avec les pensées ecologiques en République Tchèque et en Slovakie et potentiellement en autres pays de l’Europe centrale et de l’Europe de l’Est.

Je vous prie d’exprimer votre avis, si votre société serait intéressée à collaboration dans les pays mentionés et dans quelles conditions.

Merci pour votre réponse

Je vous prie, Madame,Monsieur),d’agréer mes sentiments distingués.

Soukup Lubomír

Soukup Lubomír

January 7, 2018at 8:29 am

Soukup Lubomír Just BioFiber Structural Solutions
Němčice 134 2916 – 5 Avenue. NE. #12

28002 Kolín Calgary, Alberta, Canada. T2A 6K4
Czech Republic

email: Soukup.l@seznam.cz

Dear All,

first of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Soukup Lubomír . For a long time, I am interested in application of cannabis sativa in industry especially in civil engineering and architecture.

I have found your unique product Just BioFiber modular block which seems to have large opportunity in the building materials market.

First, I would like to offer this product to environmentally friendly customers as a material of future in The Czech and Slovak Republic. Secondary I see growth potential for Central and Eastern Europe.

If you are interested in cooperation on this area, please let me know about it and about terms and conditions.

Waiting for your reply.

Best regards

Soukup Lubomír

Glenn Head

August 5, 2016at 1:38 pm

I’m exploring the development of a small scale demonstration project for affordable housing on the Island of Kauai. We can get a research permit to grow hemp for the project. Would your process be suitable for consideration in such a small, remote location? Could we create the blocks on site or would we need to ship them in by container?
We are pre funding as I’m researching what level of budget would be required. I’m currently in Boulder, CO with plans to attend a hempcrete workshop in a few weeks (August) sponsored by the National Hemp Association.

Would appreciate your thoughts.

    Max Radford

    February 17, 2018at 10:33 am

    Hello Gleen,

    This sounds like a very cool project that we would love to discuss with you. You can contact me directly at max@justbiofiber.com
    and I would be better able to field questions in that format and supply you with the pertinent information you require.

    We apologize for the late reply, on behalf of the just biofiber team I truly do appreciate your interest in using our product.

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