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Sustainable Building System Featuring Carbon Capture



ASTM E119-14 CAN/ULC S101-07
DATE(S) OF TESTING: June 22, 2018
TESTING REQUESTED: Testing to the mandatory requirements of the following criteria:
ASTM E119-14, Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of
Building Construction and Materials, and CAN/ULC S101-07,
Standard Methods of Fire Endurance Tests of Building
Construction and Materials
TESTED RATING: 120-minute Fire Resistance

CAN / ULC S102

Flame spread index = 0

Smoke Developed Index = 0

Hygrothermal testing and report

“the hygrothermal performance assessment for the Super SSR Modular Block Wall System comes to the
conclusion that this system works without any additional vapor retarder.”

Please review the WUFI report by Manfred Kehrer in detail here JSS Hygrothermal Performance Report




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