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Sustainable Building System Featuring Carbon Capture

Business Innovation Access Program approval

November 24 2014

Just BioFiber has received BIAP funding approval to engage Southern Alberta Institute of Technology to complete 2 projects in marketing research and materials testing. Both projects are  to commence November 2014 and completion is expected March 2015.

National Research Council Canada

The Business Innovation Access Program (BIAP) is a Government of Canada pilot program, announced in the 2013 Budget that provides $20 million in funding to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to help them access business services or technical assistance at Canada’s learning institutions and publicly-funded research organizations to bring bigger and better innovations to market faster.



James Corkery

November 24, 2015at 10:00 am


My name is James Corkery I am a student at Algonquin College. Currently wrapping up my second year As a Construction technician. For my third year project i have chosen hempcrete. I was wondering if you sponsor any such studies or would be interested in assisting My and group members.

James Corkery


    November 27, 2016at 5:03 pm

    HI James. I am trying to put together a hempcrete building project in Carp and looking for interested people. please contact me

    I have a hemp business and have studied a lot about hempcrete and am interested in the biofibre bricks as well.

    Max Radford

    February 17, 2018at 10:24 am

    Hello James,

    This would have been an amazing project to work on. I understand that I am responding to you are few years too late. But if you are still interested in the renewable building materials sector focusing on hemp I would really enjoy talking with you. If you contact me directly my email is Max@justbiofiber.com
    I can make some time to talk about the world of hemp.


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