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Sustainable Building System Featuring Carbon Capture


Date:11 Nov, 2014


This building system is well suited for commercial buildings that now require more insulation and lower labor costs. With structural load-bearing walls, you can build stronger faster and warmer than conventional commercial materials.

Commercial Wall System

Super SSR block offers very fast construction with high insulation qualities making this load bearing wall system very cost effective for the builder and the building owner.

  • Reduced heating and cooling costs by up to 60% with R26 insulation
  • Fire resistant > 1 hour fire rating
  • Soundproof with excellent acoustic absorption makes it an ideal material for demising and party walls
  • Reduced labor costs during construction and finishing
  • Fast to build without additional concrete pours or insulation, no rebar or ties required.
  • does not require bracing or shoring while setting because the blocks are interlocking
  • wall weight is reduced, requiring less concrete for footings
  • it is a green environmentally friendly sustainable and renewable building material

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