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Sustainable Building System Featuring Carbon Capture


Residential housing

Date:11 Nov, 2014


Residential builders and homeowners benefit from this exterior wall system with increased insulation to lower energy consumption, lower labor costs to build, quiet comfortable interior, healthy and durable with low maintenance.

Residential Wall System

Super SSR block is an ideal construction material for the environmentally conscious home builder and home buyers. with high insulation qualities and a negative carbon material classification with low building maintenance and extended lifetime.

  • High insulation value > R26 reduces heating and cooling costs and CO2 emissions
    • retains heat and moderates temperature for passive home designs
  • Fire resistant > 1 hour fire rating
  • Soundproof with excellent acoustic absorption means you can enjoy your own music
  • Sustainable building material actually removes CO2 by over 1 Tonne per house
  • Improved interior air quality with vapor and air permeability
    • creates a healthier interior environment for people
  • Structural walls do not require any superstructure to support the interlocking blocks, reducing building costs during construction and finishing
  • Long-lasting exterior and interior finishes reduce maintenance costs and increase building life
  • No mold or insect problems
  • it is a green environmentally friendly sustainable and renewable building material

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