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Sustainable Building System with Carbon Capture

Brochure for GreenBuild 2016

High Performance
Modular Block Wall System

Just BioFiber Brochure
The High Performance Building Block
System is the first of it’s kind with a negative
carbon material classification. It can
replace concrete blocks/panels/ICF or
multi-component wood-frame construction
with a simple inter-locking structural
building block system.
Used in residential, commercial, industrial
and institutional applications it achieves
high insulation values (up to R40), thermal
retention and 100% thermal break, as well
as sound attenuation,
increased durability and fire resistance.
mold resistance,
It creates the ultimate high performance
sustainable building system, appealing not
only to environmentally conscious consumers,
architects, builders and owners, but
to bankers and accountants because of the
large savings in annual operating costs.

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